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Your global partner for high-quality tanks and precision fermenters

Precision fermentation is revolutionising the food industry, enabling the production of innovative and sustainable foods.

Our company specialises in supplying high-quality tanks and precision fermenters to all players in this field. With capacities up to 300 m³ and comprehensive services, we offer expertise in consulting, project planning, engineering, automation, and on-site execution to support the development of new food through precision fermentation.
Fast supply & short processing times
Experts in Fermentation Technology
One-piece tanks up to 7.5 meters in diameter

Our cutting-edge tanks and precision fermenters, coupled with our end-to-end services, empower companies in the forefront of precision fermentation. From concept to execution, we fuel the future of food innovation with passion and expertise. Michael Kurzweil,
Director Sales Tanks, Ziemann Holvrieka GmbH

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