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Total solutions provider, empowering our global brands in the Chinese market

CLPT China is dedicated to representing our leading global brands in the Chinese market and to act as one of our major manufacturing locations within the group. The facility in Nantong is directly connected to the Yangtze river and plays a crucial role in our total solutions offering and positively contributes to our global coverage.

Operates the world's largest tank building manufacturing facility, strategically located with direct access to the Yangtze river. CLPT China’s advanced production capabilities ensure the highest quality standards and timely delivery.


Represents our group company brands in China through continuous knowledge exchange and market specific innovation.


Provides invaluable local market insights and supports our group to enter new, local markets, including the elaborate landscape of Baijiu.

At CLPT China, we bridge the gap between our international brands and the Chinese market, fostering mutual understanding and growth for both.Lars Roed
Vice President CLPT

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CLPT China was established in 2009. The facility is located in Nantong, close to Shanghai and Suzhou. With our own facility in China, we not only empower our group brands in China but we are also able to use this location as one of our key manufacturing locations within our group.