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Traditional, handcrafted Scottish Coppersmithing

Your craft is distilling and making the right cut. Our craft is hand shaping copper into the center piece of your distillery and distillation process.

Using a blend of traditional practices passed down through the generations, our Scottish coppersmiths can craft you bespoke pot stills and multi-distillation column systems.
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Our traditional, handcrafted coppersmithing techniques provide you and your spirit, copper distillation equipment with Scottish provenance and a long heritage trusted by the world's most famous distilled spirits brands.


The team can handcraft copper pot stills, condensers, and spirit safes inspired from our extensive back catalogue of designs with your own twist and influence.


McMillan and Briggs have been helping breweries diversify into distilled spirits through multi-distillation systems that can take wort and turn into a range of spirits.

McMillan copper pot stills are handcrafted in Scotland using traditional techniques. Customers from all over the world marvel at the transformation of copper sheet into these iconic shapes used to make the world’s most famous distilled spirits. Our team have great pride in their craft and always excited to craft stills whether it be for Scotland or overseas.”George Crombie
Chief Operating Officer, McMillan Coppersmiths Company Director

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CLPT supported Briggs of Burton in the acquisition process of McMillan Coppersmiths. Briggs of Burton were well known for delivering turnkey distillation projects, and the strategic acquisition of McMillan completed their product offering. Since its acquisition, Briggs of Burton have continuously invested in McMillan’s people, health and safety culture, and overall infrastructure to supports its growth. McMillan Coppersmiths is now an interesting blend of traditional craftsmanship producing iconic copper pot stills with a future focussed and progressive culture driven by Briggs of Burton.