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Committed to accountability & transparency

Our goal is to continuously improve our relationship of trust with stakeholders, which include employees, customers, suppliers, shareholders and society.

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CLPT Board of Directors

The CLPT Board of Directors consists of seven experienced business, financial and compliance professionals. In addition to overseeing business activities, they keep a keen eye on risk management, company strategy and the company’s relationship with shareholders. They ensure and safeguard our integrity in reporting and compliance.

Executive Management Board

Our Executive Management Board set and achieve CLPT's objectives, strategy and policies and manage general affairs. They support and empower the management teams of our global operating companies, guide and promote intercompany collaboration through assigned business functions, and are supported by corporate functions. The Executive Management Boards consists of four members, supported by three extended members. Mr. Klaus Gehrig serves as our President, Mr. Lars Roed as our Vice President.

Code of conduct

We encourage ethical behaviour inside and out CLPT. Read more about our code of conduct.

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