Shaping the future of liquid process technologies

In fact, we've probably contributed to the production process of your preferred beer or distilled spirit. Our solutions empower the world’s leading brewers and distillers to produce in a safe, reliable and sustainable way.

CIMC Liquid Process Technology (CLPT) is an international group of companies that design, manufacture, and install tanks and process systems that produce the world’s food, alcoholic beverages, and pharmaceuticals. Together, this group delivers everything from the largest turnkey breweries to the smallest micro-breweries, to the most sustainable distilleries and the largest juice ships and terminals, through to the development of leading pharmaceutical mixing systems.

Introducing CLPT

CLPT features prestigious brands such as:

Ziemann Holvrieka, globally known for high-profile and fast track breweries for beer and hard seltzer, as well Turnkey juice and edible oil projects
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Briggs of Burton, prominent in the design, engineering, and building of world class distilleries and breweries around the world
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DME Process Systems, renowned for their craft scale brewery equipment solutions
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Total solutions provider, empowering our global brands in the Chinese market
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Experts in our field

We focus on supporting our customers growth, desire for speed in implementation, and premiumisation of their product offerings

A trusted partner

Well positioned as a reliable and trusted liquid food project delivery team underpinned by a strong financial performance and a healthy focus towards growth and our future

For centuries, we have designed, built and installed complete systems for the beer, distilled spirits and various other industries. With our group companies’ global reach and expertise, we are well positioned to drive industry developments forward. Klaus Gehrig,
President of CIMC Liquid Process Technologies (CLPT)

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Our global reach

Our mission is to design and deliver innovative solutions to perfect the sustainable production of life’s liquids.

Discover our global network of manufacturing facilities, technical centres, engineering hubs and sales offices, driving innovation and excellence across the world.

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